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The official website of TEDxGEC for the year 2019

TEDxGEC aims to create impact and change through its talks and inspire the local student community. It is a festival of ideas that will be celebrated with enthusiasm, curiosity and amazement.


Strategy, Design, Development and Identity

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TEDxGEC was one of the most exciting projects. What would be better than reaching thousands of students and intellectual people? Our aim was to make available all the pieces of information of the upcoming event and previous TEDxGEC talks in the user's pockets.

The theme for the event was Inquilab (Revolution). We knew this would be the fusion of typical TEDx website with a twist of Inquilab. But the real challenge was to achieve it.

TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading and TEDx was formed to give a TED-like experience to the local communities.
The 'x' in TEDx plays a significant role. TEDx gives a platform for people to share their ideas which are worth spreading. So we took the opportunity to share a few revolutionary ideas worth sharing through letter x. And thus came up with an idea of the Big X.

As per the concept, we wanted to share some of the revolutionary events on the homepage. The way to achieve that was having some info with relevant images. So, we illustrated an 'X' with the help of our graphic designer and put an image carousel behind the massive X. Each image would share a revolutionary event from the history of India accompanied by the caption.
This X turned out to be the identity of the event and was later used for the t-shirts, branding and social media.

A well-thought use of typography made the website look even better. We used a combination of edgy black weighted Raleway typeface for heading and open-sans typeface for the body. The fonts chosen would not just appear friendly, but also justify the theme.

To do justice to the theme Inquilab, we wanted a logo which would have a strong impact on the event. We thought a hand-drawn presentation would do the needful and also make the logo stand out. And thus we used Fredericka The Great typeface. This logo set the identity of the event. This logo was later used for the event branding.

We wanted to give a seamless experience to the desktop as well as mobile users. In fact, we gave a higher preference to the mobile experience. But to make the image-heavy website load fast on mobile was a challenge in itself. Loading multiple fonts, images and js files would cost us the UX.

So we used multiple techniques to optimize the images. Compressed the images, included the next-gen formats, making it cross-browser compatible and made sure the website loads within 3 seconds on decent connectivity.

Working on this website was a great experience for us. It was also our experimental PWA. We look forward to building more of such great websites which would make the web a better place.


Fredericka the Great




Open Sans